Best Underrated Anime series You Shouldn't miss.



Since I love watching anime I've watched more than 60 anime. And all of it was dope. I loved every one of them. If you want me to make a list of all of the anime that I have watched please let me know in the comment. 

Today I'll share some underrated best anime series that you'll enjoy to the fullest. I've watched them all, believe me, these are the best anime out there. If you're an anime lover you shouldn't miss them. 

So as I go with the details I might give some spoiler ahead. Although these aren't a major spoiler. Just skip if you don't want any spoilers. 

Log horizon

I have finished watching it recently and it was really good. At the end of the season, I wanted more. Basically, the log horizon is an anime like sword art online but I think it's even better than sword art online. 

Let me give you some plot of this anime. In this anime, people play a certain game called elder tale and it's a very famous game. However, for some reason those players were playing the game during a certain eclipse they were stuck in that game. It's like their soul was into the character. Many players were stuck in the elder tales game. And that's where the whole story began. 

The main character is a guy name shire. He was an enchanter in the game as well as strategies. And also he is my favorite character of this anime. There so many characters with different magic powers. 

Bungo Stray Dogs

Well here is another best-underrated anime which all anime lover should watch it. This also one of the best anime series out there. I already mentioned it in another article. So there's nothing much to say. 


Noragami is an anime with lots of comedy. There is also actions and adventure in it. The reason I love it because it is quite different than all other anime series. It is a story of a God who doesn't have many followers. 

No one from earth knows him and he doesn't have a single shrine of his name. He is trying to get recognized by people however he fails every time. During his time on earth, he made some human servant who works under him. 

It is hard to explain but one's you start watching it you'll love it. 

Wise Man's Grandchild

Well I know some of you love watching anime where the main character is super strong. If it is the case then this anime will blow your mind. Wise Man's Grandchild is an anime about magic. The main characters name shin who was taught magic by his grandparents. 

His grandparents are considered to be hero's in the anime their magics are strong and they are well respected by people as well as the king of the land. When shin enters the magic academy this was stronger than the teachers. 

It is a story of the shin. He is strong however he lacks common sense. 

Ultramarine magmell Or magmell of the blue sea

This most underrated anime but it is great. Every anime lover should watch it. The story is amazing and the main character is also super cool with a superpower. 

In this anime world where normal people live without knowing there's also some supernatural being. However a mysterious continent rise in the middle of an ocean. In this continent adventure from all over the world come to find treasures, magical items, cure, and many more. However, a few could survive in the mysterious continent. 

Seraph of the end

Here comes another underrated anime. The Seraph of the end is a good anime. Where humans fight with a vampire. Since vampire rules the world where humans are weak compared to vamps. However, a few groups of humans who are last hope of humanity they gathered peoples to fight the vamps. 

This anime is really interesting you won't know who is good or who is bad. There are so many twists in this anime. I'm not going spill any spoiler for you but one thing I'll say you should watch it. 

Blood blockade battlefront

If you are an action lover this is just the thing for you. This anime has great action. They have got really cool names for attacks.  Blood blockade battlefront is really a good anime. It is a fantasy series where the world is twisted aliens and humans live together. Disaster is a common thing there.

There are many different being lives besides humans. An organization called libra with superhuman try to maintain peace in the city. It is really a good action anime series and it got a nice animation too. 

Haven't you heard I'm Sakamoto

I never really thought I would enjoy an anime without all the cool action involve. This anime is really good. It is full of comedy you'll enjoy every episode of it. 

Sakamoto is a genius student who is top of everything. He is good at sports, swimming, cooking, he is a topper of his class. He is good at everything. Sakamoto is loved by girls and boys. He fixes the problems of others without getting so much attention. He wins everyone's heart. He is the figure of a perfect young boy. 


This anime is one of the most underrated anime. However, the story of this anime is good. Codebreakers are a group of assassins with a superpower. But not many people are aware of these assassins. They kill and hunt down the bad people by the order of government. 

These assassins look like a schoolboy and they also go to school regularly however, they complete their mission at night or when people are not surrounding them. 

Black butler

It is the story of a boy from a royal family who serves the queen. He comes to contact with a demon who protects him. The demon is his butler and he does all the work for his master. 

The butler is very loyal to his master. The story of this anime is really nice and touchy. I'm you won't get disappointed. 

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