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So today I'm going to list some trending anime series which is totally based on my thoughts. I don't know if any other anime is trending like these or not, probably there's other that I didn't encounter yet. So I'll just talk about these which I listed based on their popularity. 

In this list of trending anime, I didn't watch all of it because these are new anime and I want them to release all episodes then I'll start watching them. 

Black Clover

Black Clover is becoming one of my favorite anime series. I watch it regularly. It became quite famous in a short time. The story of this anime is dope. There is a lot of characters in this anime almost like Naruto, one-piece, and bleach I'm not saying the story is similar but these anime are filled with a lot of amazing characters. 

Black Clover is a magic world blessed by mana. Mana is just magical energy. Those who possess most of the mana are the strongest. So the story of this anime is quite simple. There lived two orphan boys in a far remote village call Hage. where they grow up in a church. This village is the middle of nowhere and often criticize by others because the village is poor. 

The name of the boys is Asta and Yuno. They aspire to become the wizard king one day. Wizard king is someone who is a super-strong mage and acknowledged by every one of the lands. So these two boys join the magic knights to fulfill their dream. They join the different squad of the Magic Knights. Each squad has a captain and they are also super strong with various magic. 

So basically this anime is one of the must-watch anime series all the action and adventure not to mention the story of this anime everything is great. 

God of high school

This completely new anime. I didn't really know about it much or I haven't watched it either. But I have seen a lot of posts on social media regarding this anime. So I think it must be one of the good ones since it has got a lot of responses. 

Demon slayer 

Another of my favorite anime series. You all must have hard it by now. It has all the super-cool action and adventures. The story and animation of this series are outstanding. This anime became quite famous in 2020. Everyone on the Internet talking about it. Demon slayer will soon release a movie which also gonna be super good. A have seen all the trailers and it looks great. 

In case if you haven't watched it I'm going to say a brief storyline of this anime so that you can get a hit. So it's a story about demons and humans. Demons hunt people at night to eat humans blood. However, there's also some super strong group of people who go by the name demon slayer corps who hunt down Demons. 

A young boy who lost his family by the hands of demons when he was out of home selling stuff in a far remote market. When he got back home he found out his whole family was slain except for his one sister who was turned into a demon. Where his journey began he wants to make her sister human again. 

The misfit of demon king academy
I have seen one episode of this new anime. I would say it got everything for attention. It has been a month it released and It's one of the trending anime. They are really done a good job making this kind of anime.

Fire force season 2

I'm sure most of the people already watch season 1 of the fire force. This anime is also a great anime series. They release the 2nd season really quick I have watched the first season but I didn't get the chance to watch the 2nd one. I waiting for the release of the whole episode of the 2nd season. Since the first season became really popular people are now excited about 2nd one. 

In case you haven't watched the first season you can watch it trust me you won't get disappointed. It has so many mysteries. It also has good animation and a great story. 

One punch man

Well, I don't think anyone doesn't know about this who loves watching anime. Because it is most popular and quite controversial on social media. Everyone loved the one punch man series. 

The series has a nice story and super cool characters. 

There's is not much saying there since one punch man is so popular. It is almost compared with the dragon ball. I can't believe people do that. Then again is not their fault everyone loves this series like dragon ball. 

In this anime, the main character Saitama is an Underrated hero. Who is in B rank however he is super strong and undefeated. He finishes his opponent with only one punch. 

Food war

Another great anime series and yet I haven't watched it. I still regret not watching it because I'm waiting for it's dubbed version. And also I have many other animes in my watch list. However, I'm definitely going to watch it. Since I haven't watched it I won't be able to give you any plot but I have read about it in many articles and it seems a great anime series. It's all about food making food and competition. 

Mob psyche 100

I loved every season of the Mob psyche. It is also my favorite one. It has a nice story and awesome actions. Filled with comedy. 

It's a story about a schoolboy who was born with psychic power unable to control his abilities. He found a teacher who promised him to help him master his ability however mob didn't know he actually a fraud. 

Dr. Stone

It is one of the best 2020s anime. If you haven't watched it it's a must-watch anime and also is was released by Crunchyroll. It has a great story and became quite famous since it's first episode dropped. 

The main character of this series is Senku a boy who is a genius scientist. The series is quite a mystery. I don't know give you any spoiler further so I won't say much. 

The Promise Neverland

First, I thought it's gonna be super boring anime but it proved me wrong. It was so good and full of mystery and twisted. When I saw its plot on the Internet I didn't really think that it would be that great. The story is about some orphanages who lived happily with their mother who actually is the caretaker of these orphan. These orphans didn't know about the outside world. Until one day when they find out the truth about their existence.

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