How technology will impact the future of the world



We know living in the '20s and we have a very common thing nowadays that we all are surrounded by technology. I can't live a moment without technology. Even what I'm doing right now is the consequence of the technology. 

How you wanna know?

Let me explain furthermore. Now I'm writing content for my blog and I'm doing it for my website which is actually also a consequence of technology. If we were in the '90s right now there wouldn't be a thing call blog or website.

So basically we are surrounded by technology and we can't outrun it. It will take us to the future and shape the whole world differently which will surprise us if we compare it with today's technology. In today's blog, I'll explain how technology will impact our future world.

Well, I'm a bit concern because we might not survive or we won't be able to keep up with it. Because we got fooled by technology ever since it impacted our lives. For example, think about social media how it influences so many people. Anything you share on it lies or truth, it spread rapidly and creates a problem and also it solves many problems that is can't deny. However, you have to control ourselves and also have to understand the technology that consumes us.

Now then lets put all things aside and let me explain it to you furthermore into the further. How technology will impact us in the future. 


We already have seen a couple of vehicles that can drive itself not to mention the vending mechanics. They can operate themselves. Because of the technology. However, it won't just stop there. In the future, every shopping mall, grocery store, and bars will start using these automation technologies which will reduce human employees. Just think about it if everything becomes automatic normal people will suffer, those who have no degree or a certain skill they will suffer the most. It's like in the future if you want to survive you have to hand yourself to the government or else have to work hard and achieve a skill like programming, doctoring, or nursing. Only these skills will be qualified for a job in the future. 

Artificial intelligence 

Here is another thing which will mostly impact our world or already did. Artificial intelligence or AI is a common thing in the modern world. Let me give you an example of AI if you are confused about it. We all have seen in our google photos app where the application can detect people's photos automatically which is actually an AI technology. We often see AI technologies on our camera setup which can detect and recognize almost anything. Just think about it if AI technology is used in street cameras which can detect or analyze people's data easily. All it has to do is scan and match the data with a password or ID card that simple. You won't be able to run away with robbery, just joking. Which is actually a good thing. 

I personally think technology will shape the world the way it wants. It might be really useful to some of us at the same time many people will suffer from it. If you don't believe me just look at the present situations. How people are using social media to steal data from others and using it against them. I know technology will grow even further but we also have to be responsible for how we use it. We are the main core of the technology because we humans invented it in the first place. 

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