World best place for photography

Today I'm going to share some amazing places for photography. These are the place where people often go to travel and enjoy some better time. As for the photographers, these places are the best to take awesome pictures

Marina Bay, Singapore


It is one of the beautiful places in Singapore. The best location for photography. If you want something modern and capture some luxurious lifestyle this is the perfect place for you. You can get a lot of photos of the hotel, the coolest building, and also there is a marina bay sand pool where you can take amazing underwater pictures.

Marina Bay is the most visited area of Singapore. Traveler and photographers from around the world come to enjoy and take good photos.

Moreover, there is also a Gardens by the bay, it is an amazing futuristic park, where you can take incredible shots. 

Lofoten Island, Norway


This is the place where you can do photography everywhere. Lofoten island is a very beautiful archipelago. You want some great pictures of this place you can use a drone. Just Fly it over the archipelago you will how amazing pictures you will get.

Lofoten Island is a traditional city where you will see many houses with traditional architecture. Also if you want some undersea photography this is the right place for you. Because Lofoten island has the world's largest deepwater coral reef. You will surely get some incredible photos.



Okay, we all know about this place Hawaii is one of the beautiful places in the world. It is crowded with travelers as well as photographers. 

photographers from all over the world gather here to take some mesmerizing pictures. Hawaii has such an amazing sea beach, hills, Volcano, and amazing nature. It is mostly an archipelago so you will be surrounded by waters. Hawaii has the most amazing natural resort. It is a heaven for travelers and photographers are alike.

Brela Beach, Croatia 

This is the most beautiful beach in Croatia. Not only beautiful it is also one of the biggest beaches in Croatia. It is a great place for photography. You can play with your drone to get a nice picture of a bird eyes view. And also can take a picture of big rock and stone.

The water there is quite clean. So underwater pictures will be great. You can drive the boat there and take photos of the travelers.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Another amazing place in Croatia. It is a national park. This place is surrounded by lakes. You will find many small and big waterfalls. However, these small waterfalls are just flowing water from the river to river. Using a drone you can take some amazing shots. This place has so many mountains beside the lakes where you can do some wild photography.

There are many species of birds so if you want to take some unique birds photos you can go there. Those who love to take photos of wildlife as well as high hills and waterfall this place is perfect for them.

Mount Fuji, Japan


It is one of the well known the biggest mountain in the world. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. It is an active volcano. You can go for a side scene and take some shots there. The side scenery is really nice. 

If you go there at charry blossom time you can get some outstanding pictures.

Kenya, Africa


It would be Africa's most visited place. Travelers from all over the world come to Africa just to visit Kenya. Not to mention the photographers. All the professional photographer comes here to take wildlife shots. Kenya is famous for its endless savanna.

Keyna has some highland forest where lives many animals that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt is a town with amazing ancient houses. These are the 16th-century houses all are colorful and beautiful. Great place for all kinds of photography.

You can tour the Hallstatt lake by boat for a more accurate view. The foggy lakes are so incredible. If you use a boat you can take really good pictures. The town is a bright and colorful perfect place for photography.

Meteora, Greece


This must be the rocky place ever. Meteora is a place where you will find all the highest rock. It is really a beautiful place for photography. And also the toughest place to take shots. You will see a lot of monasteries there. These monasteries are such great architectures.

Meteora is a great place for different kinds of photography. houses are built on the high rock which looks amazing. 

Marrakech, Morocco


This city is a free market place. Marrakech is a beautiful city it is so colorful. The market is filled with different kinds of goods and items.

You can go for a camel ride and take some good pictures in the dessert. It is beautiful when it is night time in Marrakech. You can capture the sun sat. And also there is some historic places to visit which is nice.

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