Living cannot survive without inert matter



What is the natural environment? 

The environment that is created with Natural objects is called the natural environment. All inanimate elements of the environment are inert environmental elements such as soil, water, air, light.

We are surrounded by soil, water, air, rivers, seas, plants, forests, mountains, animals, houses, roads, buses, trucks, schools, colleges, hospitals, people, etc. are all elements of the environment.

The environment is made up of everything around us.  Among these elements of the environment, houses, roads, vehicles, bridges, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., have been created by man for his own needs. So these are man-made environments.

Again, the moon, stars, soil, rivers, seas, mountains, jungles, people, animals, birds, etc. can not be created by man. These are made up of the natural environment.

Two types of environmental elements

The environment is divided into two parts according to the material.  Namely living matter and inert matter. The living things that are alive in the environment are called living things. On the other hand, excluding these living things, the remaining non-living things are called inanimate things or inert things.

Living vs inert

1. The living environment consists of all the living elements of the environment. The inanimate environment consists of all the lifeless elements of the environment.
2. The elements of the living environment include all plants and animals. The main components of an inert environment are soil, water, and air.

Inert has important parts in every living thing. 

Soil, water, air, light, temperature, humidity, climate are various inanimate or inert elements.  Which is different ways affects the nature and extent of each organism in the environment.  Depending on the availability of these elements, what kind of organism will be in a particular place in the environment?  Thus it can be said that inanimate or inert matter is very important for the survival of the organism.

Soil, water, air, light, temperature, humidity, climate Various inanimate or inert elements including soil, water, air are the main elements of the inert environment.  Because without these elements, plants and animals cannot survive. These elements affect the nature and extent of each plant and animal in the environment in different ways.  This material is very important for the survival of plants and animals.

Human activities impact on the environment.

If the balance of the environment is disturbed due to natural changes in the environment or human activities, the living environment is damaged in many ways.  Again, as a result of population growth, forests are being destroyed to meet the needs of the growing population.

This is destroying the habitat of many animals. In this way the balance of the environment is being disturbed In this too, many animals are becoming extinct and many animals will become extinct.  Again, the balance of the natural environment is being destroyed due to various natural causes such as floods, tidal surges, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc. 

Again, as a result of population growth, the balance of the increased environment is being lost.  Due to the imbalance of the natural environment, the animals living in the area are also dying.  As a result, the animals in those areas are also getting lost.  Inhumane and unplanned hunting and killing of wild animals is also upsetting the balance of the environment.  Many animals are becoming extinct. Again, due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, the ice in the polar region is melting.  As a result, the environment of the polar region is gradually becoming unbalanced.  This will also cause the extinction of many animals.

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