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These are some historical tv shows that I have watched and in my opinion, these are really great. Some of the stories of these tv shows maybe not real or does go with the original story but all the characters are taken from the original story. 

I'll just give a quick overview of these lists of historical tv shows. Like I said before these are the series that I already have watched them so I don't know there might be more other great historical tv shows that I don't know about. So if you have watched any other series than these then let me know in the comments. 


I know we all have watched a lot of series about Dracula. It is a famous fictional character. TV, anime you name it everywhere we have seen this character playing different kinds of a version of it. However, Dracula tv shows brought the real thing in front of us. 

Yeah I know some you might have been hated it since your favorite character has been played so unusually but this is the true story of Dracula and I love every bit of it even though it far different than frictional characters. 

Peaky blinders

Peaky blinders are one of my favorite tv shows. They are basically gangsters lead by Tommy Shelby. These gangsters of Birmingham are famous for their ruthlessness. 

It is a story of the Shelby family how they got to the top. Their struggle and loses it all about the Peaky blinders gang. I really love this show so much and still waiting for season 6 to release. Although the whole story is not from original history you will see all the historical characters and they played so well. 

The Last kingdom

This is another amazing historic tv series. This is the story of Uhtred and King Alfred. It is about the Vikings era. It is pretty much similar to Vikings but a different storyline. Where Uhtred tries to claim his birthright. So he works under King Alfred. 

Uhtred helps king Alfred against all the invaders. The story is great and full of tragedy. The war scene of this show is really amazing better than GOT. 


There's not much saying on this one everyone knows how good this shows this. Every detail of the Vikings and their natures everything seems well played in this series. 

This show is all about Viking's good one and a bad one. Some of the stories might not be like original but it's a great historical series. 


This show is a Canadian series. Played by Jason Momoa. He is good at playing historical roles. We have seen him in GOT although it not a historical show. But he played the given role so well almost everyone loved it. 

This show is quite different from others. It is about fur trading of the old days. How they try to beat their competitors. And make most of the profits. 

Kings war

This is a Chinese tv-series and my first one to watch. King's war is actually in the 210 BC era that's why I was kind of excited to watch it. I wanted to know how the Chinese kingdom looked like at that time. 

The story of this series is really nice. It is about the two warriors who fight to control the Chinese empire. 


This tv show is great for arena fights. If you love gladiators you will love this show. The story of this series is about a slave gladiator who became rebellious and turned on his owner. He leads other gladiators slaves in rebellion. 

They fought many battles with the ten thousand of gladiator army. This historic tv series is really a heart touching story.

Rise of empires ottoman

This is a Turkish tv series. When you will watch it you'll see that history is quite accurate in this show they maintain the accuracy with history. This is the history of the ottomans. They have devoted Muslim and a religious and political leader. The story of this series is really great there is not much episode of this show like other historical tv series where the story is not relevant to the original story. But in this show, the story is relevant to the original series.

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