Top richest countries in the world 2020

Hi, guys in this article I'm going to list the top richest countries in the world. These countries influence the world with their wealth and power. These countries have the biggest buildings, luxury hotels, the world's biggest companies. Some of them have natural resources like oil, gas, crude, hydrocarbons. Their wealth is counted by GDP(gross domestic products) matrix.

1. Qatar


Well, there you have it the world's richest country. Qatar holds the record of the number 1 richest country in the world. Their GDP per PPP is $132,886. They have natural resources such as oil, gas, hydrocarbon, petrochemical. Their resources are larger than the people's lives in their country. Which also the reason for making them one of the richest countries in the world. Qatar has a 2.8million population.

2. Macao


Macao is also known as 'Asian Las-Vegas'. One of the richest countries in the world. It also one of the best gambling places. It has a GDP per PPP of $114,363.
This country holds the second position after Qatar. Macao has a very small population. Macao has been handed over to China since 1999s. It became a tourist spot, gambling spot as well as apparel export.

3. Luxembourg


This country has various of the economy. Currently, Luxembourg GDP per PPP is $108,951. This country is in the 3rd position of world richest countries.
Luxembourg has banking and financial services along with tourism, construction, and real estate services.

They also have industries of Iron, metal, steel, tires, glass, aluminum, cargo transportation, and logistics, as well as chemicals.

Luxembourg Not only have natural resources they also have industries of technology. Such as information technology, telecommunications, biotechnology. Their economy is mixed.

4. Singapore


Singapore one of the wealthiest countries in the world. They have an almost 0% corruption rate. It has a GDP per PPP of $103,181. This country is one of the most open counties in the world. This country is widely known for its free-market economy. Singapore's mainly known for exporting electronics, manufacturing, machinery, financial services, as well as tourism.

Singapore has the world busiest cargo seaport. Also, Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to live in.

5. Ireland


Ireland is a beautiful country as well as rich. It has a GDP per PPP of $83,399. It is a Republican country. Their economy mainly High-tech, agriculture, agri-business, agri-food, financial services, foreign investment.

Ireland has a low corporation tax rate. Their total population approximately 5million. Which made them one of the richest countries in the world.

6. Brunei Darussalam


It is one of the small and wealthy countries in the world. Their main economy is the export of oil, natural gas, petroleum, crude, water, electricity, and health care. Their GDP per PPP is $80,384. Brunei is run by Sultan. Half of the GDP comes from petroleum.

Brunei is a small nation. This country has 430K people. This country is famous for its amazing architecture mostly Islamic architecture. They have amazing mosques. Brunei is a tax-free country.

7. Norway


Norway is filled with natural resources such as oil and gas. They have GDP per PPP of $76,684.
Norway export petroleum all over the world. They have a high standard of living. Norway has the lowest rate of unemployment making it one of the productive countries in the world.

Their wage rate is high and the poverty rate is less. The gap between the poor and the rich is smaller. Norway has less population, like Ireland they have a population of 5million.

8. United Arab Emirates


We all know how luxurious UAE is. They have a luxurious hotel, the best Palace, beautiful island. UAE is filled with natural resources such as gas, oil, and hydrocarbon. Most of their business is base on oil and gas production.

Other than gas and oil UAE trades golds. Their GDP per PPP is $69,435. This country has a luxurious living. All the big manufacturing companies are making money in the UAE. Supercars, electronics, high-tech, Groceries all kinds of foreign investment are available in UAE.

9. Kuwait


Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world. Its economy is mostly based on petroleum, oil, and crude. Their currency has the highest value in the world. It has a GDP per PPP of $66,387. Other than petroleum they also have financial services and foreign investments.

Kuwait has low agricultural contributions. Most of the time they import food from foreigners. The finance, real estate, and business services sector is the second contributor to Kuwait.

10. Switzerland


Switzerland has the most advanced free market economy in the world. Their main economy is the banking industry and tourism. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Which attract tourists around the world. Switzerland has a GDP per PPP of $66,196.

Their economy is based on financial services, precision manufacturing, metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics. They have less unemployment. Highly skilled workers.

11. The United States


Well the US is not just one of the richest countries it is also the strongest country in the world. US main economy is technology, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, and military equipment. Other than that they have financial services, agriculture, Grocery, industrial business. The US is the 2nd largest exporter as well as one of the largest importer.

It has GDP per PPP is $65,112. The US has free trade with many countries. Also their trading partners Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, India, Germany, UK, France, South Korea, and Taiwan.

12. Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a highly free-market economic system. Their main economy is international trade, finance, export, good, and services trade. Hong Kong has a low production rate. Which made them perfect traders.

Their GDP per PPP is $64,928. They have free port trade, International financial markets. On top of that, they have low taxation.

13. San Marino


It is also one of the free-market develop country. Their economy is mainly industries such as manufacturing materials like ceramic, clothing, fabric, furniture, paints, spirits, tiles, and wine. They also have tourism and banking industries.

It has a GDP per PPP of $61,575. San Marino is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is one of the beautiful countries.

14. Netherlands


The Netherlands is one of the best agricultural countries in the world. They are the world's 2nd largest agricultural goods exporters. And also have the most advanced food industries.

Netherlands has a GDP per PPP of $58,341. Other than agriculture they have natural gas. This country is relying on foreign trade. And also it has a prosperous and open economy system.

15. Iceland


This country has a small economy and high volatility. They have a free-market and an extensive welfare system economy. Iceland has a mixed economy. They have low unemployment. Their GDP per PPP is $56,066.

Ireland has a high level of free trade and government intervention.

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