Samsung Note 20:Should You Buy Note?



The Samsung galaxy note 20. it's like the little brother of the galaxy note 20 ultra that I just reviewed. However, as a package, this is a very weird phone it's a very confused phone. After using this phone for a bit it feels like Samsung never really made up their mind on if this was supposed to be a premium phone or not, for a thousand bucks you would think this should be a premium phone for sure. But as you
use the phone and go down the list of features and specs slowly that feels more and more off like every meaningful feature is cut down a bit from the note 20 ultra like the screen.

For example, if that's where we start it's a little bit smaller but no big deal it's still 6.7 inches and it's even flat on the edges which I honestly prefer and Samsung still gives you a lot of the edge display features minus edge lighting which I don't think anyone considers a necessary feature but it's 1080p and 60hz.

Then it has a slightly larger hole punch cutout for the same 10-megapixel selfie camera and the same ultrasonic fingerprint reader underneath now the 1080p resolution.

Okay fine I can deal with that, after all, I actually set the resolution on the note 20 ultra to 1080p but that's because you have to to get 120 hertz but okay even if visually 1080p is fine you still get the great colors and the brightness of the Samsung panel and it's still really thin bezels and to me, it honestly looks great for most things and if you're not a stickler for refresh rate it's no big deal watching videos and taking photos and all that stuff is awesome on this screen.

As for the price for a thousand bucks on a flagship in 2020 you should get a high refresh rate, screen right but that's not the worst part of this phone the upgraded s pen is physically the same on this note 20 as the ultra the latency doesn't drop as much because it is still a 60-hertz display so it drops from 42 to 26 milliseconds, not all the way down to the 9 milliseconds of the ultra understandable I absolutely did not notice it's still incredibly fast and responsive, 


it's definitely not the worst part of this phone the camera array is also cut down and different as you might have been able to guess from the significantly smaller camera bump so instead of the ultra's huge 108-megapixel primary camera and the periscope 5x optical zoom you have a far more reasonable 12-megapixel main camera 12-megapixel ultra-wide and 64 megapixels 3x zoom and the photos and videos from these cameras are
honestly very similar to the ones from note 20 ultra Samsung has a look a very pretty colorful saturated HDR look that I do like and this phone also accomplishes that look and there's even again some advantages to this system the not so giant sensor focuses quickly without even needing laser autofocus but while you keep 8k video it also does cut down some of the
other highest-end ultra features like the 108-megapixel mode the 50x
space zoom only goes to 30x max but again if most people just point and shoot and 30x is enough from the back row of the bleachers to catch
your kid out on the far side of the soccer field then honestly most people probably won't miss these couple of bleeding-edge features the camera is not the worst part of this phone


Let's take a look then at this spec sheet. So snapdragon 865 plus 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of non-expandable storage 4300 milliamp-hour battery.
Okay so let's break this down so snapdragon 865 plus and 8 gigs of ram as the only spec that's high end it's cut down a bit from the 12 gigs of ram on the ultra but you know this should still offer high-end performance without
a doubt and it does then 4300 milliamp-hour battery again fine actually it is slightly smaller than the note 20 ultra's battery but this is, of course, a slightly smaller phone and since it's only a 1080p 60hz display which is usually the
the biggest sucker of battery you're actually looking at a slightly better overall battery life.

However, 128 gigs as the only spec of non-expandable storage at least in the US, feels a bit small and you know maybe some people are totally okay with this but on a thousand dollar phone where you expect to probably use the cameras all the time take a lot of photos where you can take 8k videos and there are tons of games and apps you would just think you would give at least 256 storage. 

The snapdragon note 20 ultra weirdly has a128 or 512 internally but at least the ultra has expandable storage via a micro-sd card slot. This phone doesn't have that so maybe on the ultra where you could get away with 128 on this one that's all you get so the specs overall while they're still high end

Should You Buy Note 20?

I can't really recommend most people buy this note 20 at this price as long as
there are other phones like s20 plus and one plus 8 pro and others that are just more phone for the same or less money but if you absolutely need an s pen and just can't spend 1 300 bucks I guess I'd say fine go for it because
instead of the note 10, Samsung just now promised three major android updates for their flagships starting now and it looks like note 10s won't be getting that so if you're in that tiny sliver and you've got to have the s pen then Samsung made this phone just for you if you're not that person you'd probably
yeah nope you shouldn't buy this phone

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