Samsung Note 20 Ultra: Best phone out there



The galaxy note 20 ultra I've loaded it up with applications I've tested its thermals battery, so here's what I think they've done it. This is how an

ultra phone should feel and even now that the dust is settled every time I take this out my pocket.

I'm internally nodding my head thinking yeah this feels right it could do with being a bit less slippery and the huge camera module does get in the way a bit when trying to game but I'm nitpicking for me it's almost perfect.

And I could say that about a lot of things with this phone the size feels just right I wouldn't make it bigger because it only just fits in my hand but I also wouldn't make it smaller because when you've used a screen like this you don't want to go back. The thickness feels just right and though it might not look like it the weight is surprisingly evenly distributed. 

The bezels have practically disappeared. The s pen has finally achieved its original objective of feeling truly like pen on paper although I am still confused as to why they shifted it to the left of the phone.

The screen is so bright that I couldn't even find a lighting condition in which it wasn't visible this display genuinely is a masterpiece.

If you set a good wallpaper on this phone and it feels like you're holding an edgeless digital tapestry and interacting with it is a joy as well. Because Samsung's haptics are amazing plus it comes with some of the best news that Samsung has ever announced with a new phone that these phones are going to get three years of guaranteed software updates.


Admittedly it is tough to get excited about a camera that's almost the same as the one on a phone I ditched a few months ago but this has one important perk over the s20 ultra in that the camera feels lighter faster shutter speed
quicker less janky zooming and way faster-focusing thanks to the new laser
autofocus module, not perfect focusing still but far better plus the phone itself is just physically less heavy so that contributes to this feeling of lightness the selfies are good too.

further away than normal and still take a photo by using the s pen so these are some of the wider selfies you can get right now.

It's still not as reliable as the iPhone camera when you're taking portraits for
However, 98 of the time that I've taken this phone out to capture something I've been at least satisfied with the result in the two percent of times where i
did have a problem, just because of how this 108-megapixel sensor
produces images because it has a very narrow plane of focus.

I found myself a few times taking photos of things that are closer up thinking I got it completely in focus when a part of it is ever so slightly out of focus it's a camera system that while I'm sure. It could be better and one way I'm sure they will find ways to improve it in the future.

We should probably change lenses now also massively underrated feature is the new Samsung depths this went from first needing a specialized dock just to work to then needing just a cable to now needing nothing.

And it's probably one of the use cases that truly shows the power of the phone, being able to show your photo album while playing a youtube video and doing five other things at the same time. Is quite cool. 


It's a 5g phone in some regions you get the snapdragon 865 plus chipset
the best that Android has to offer but in other regions, you get the
Exynos 990 which is about as good as the snapdragon from last year.
For some people, the base model will have 256 gigs of storage and 12 gigs ram great but in others, you'll get 128 and 8gigs ram.

Battery life is good, not great then again from what I've seen from my friends in us the note 20 ultra over there can last up to an hour more of the screen on time. The charging speed is fine but does slow to a crawl as the battery is nearly full so the takeaway of all of this is quite simple. 

The galaxy note 20 ultra as my phone of choice right now. If budget isn't an issue providing you're okay with the fact that this is very much a Samsung experience.

The way it takes photos, the software the slight extra Exynos battery drain
then this is Samsung's pinnacle the culmination of years of redesigns
and problem fixes. It does make me dream about what this phone could have been having we had clean google pixel software and google's image processing algorithm but we have what we have and I'm kind of curious where do you go from here what is Samsung going to bring us next because of our tech there are diminishing returns to almost everything
I couldn't see Samsung increasing screen resolution further or making the refresh rate higher for quite a long time.

So I guess I'm just kind of curious where Samsung is going to take these
phones in the future, such that they're still keeping the average consumer engaged because this feels so close to the perfect bar phone that we imagined when smartphones started.

Maybe it'll be through foldable maybe something else entirely but for now, the galaxy note 20 ultra is a go especially if you can get the snapdragon

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