20 best Gadgets you can have in 2020

So I think it's fair to say that over the last few years we've seen some crazy smartphone gadgets. But I think we've just topped it so let's ease our way.

The razer Kishi

The razer Kishi

It is the best mobile game controller I've ever used it'll fit pretty much any smartphone and because it's physically connected to the USB-c port there's almost zero input lag, for the most part, this is an Xbox controller for your phone. My only nitpick is that it's kind of expensive so I would have liked to see a more premium finish.

Duolink GO

It is kind of a fascinating concept so on first impression this is a Bluetooth speaker and a fairly decent one, but the key mechanic here is that, if you give it a little pull then all of a sudden you've got two speakers that operate in a stereo pair naturally up to 22 feet away from each other, but here's the best bit inside these halves is a pair of true wireless earphones and they're pretty good all of this sounds pretty good but it's the way they work together that is the real selling point so right now. I'm actually playing music through my

ears but I can take that output it in here and all of a sudden everyone can hear it and while all this is happening it is charging my earphones back up again it obviously loses portability but the other payoff of having this frankly enormous case is that the battery life is amazing you're getting quite a lot for the money here.

Zhiyun smooth x

It is versatility, this is like the swiss army knife of gimbals, it's about the size of a large door handle but from there you can rotate it out you can add the included tripod attachment and you can extend it an extra 26 centimeters outwards it's a little bit like having a gimbal a tripod and a selfie stick all in one and the perk of that is almost any type of shot you can think of, you can take different orientations check automatic person tracking check it'll follow you around 180-degree panorama shots. Check and of course all while being stabilized worth noting that this is a two-axis stabilizer, not a full high-end three-axis one that's what makes it more affordable, and the perk of being able to extend it means that, if your phone doesn't have an ultra-wide camera on the front which most don't this gadget is basically saying never mind we'll just move your phone back instead.

Amazfit X

how about a smartwatch with the slogan. Bow to the future now that's a sweeping statement this is the amaze fit x and the central mechanic is this 92 degree curved AMOLED display panel which compared to most smartwatches just gives you a taller screen and it's cool you can see a lot of data at once but just bear in mind that compared to a more affordable smartwatch-like me band 5 this doesn't necessarily do a whole lot more it's just cooler this is a fashion accessory. As much as it is a smartwatch.

GaN Charger

Well, this is a 120-watt charger and because it's made using a special compound called gallium nitride. It's actually a lot smaller than it should be. Unfortunately, you can't just charge your phone with 120 watts and fill it up in 15 minutes. But the benefit of having this much power in one brick is that you can charge almost any three devices at full speed simultaneously it's so powerful that you could use this to charge both your smartphone and two small laptops at the same time.

Power Bank Stand

Okay, the first one is a battery from Aukey and it's a fairly simple looking product. Ten thousand million per capacity it does all the standard stuff but it's got a kickstand at the back with a little ledge on the front so you sit your phone on it and while it's on there it can use fast wireless charging to juice it up.

Phoneslinger Power

It gets more unusual though what you're looking at right now is a pouch to carry.

Your phone in and when you put your phone in there it'll start wirelessly charging that's pretty cool I guess but the pouch is part of a bigger picture the company sells this whole suite of pouches all designed to fit in this slinger belt. 

Blackshark Bank

It doesn't really add anything in the name of features but it's probably the snazziest way to charge your phone. This is the black shark power bank again. Ten thousand million power capacity it's got the standard three charging ports but the cool part is this led strip in the middle it animates when the bank is filling up and then acts as a visual indicator for how much battery is left.

Suction Power Bank

and the final power product is I don't really have a catchy name for this I'm just going to call it the suction power bank. 10 000 million power capacity again I feel like there's a bit of a trend here but this time instead of just being able to stand your phone on top of it, it uses 20 suction cups to latch on and charge your phone. It's kind of like having a really bulky case.

Adonit note UVC

This Adonit note UVC naturally caught my attention it's a stylus fairly comparable to the apple pencil but with two built-in ultraviolet lights to sterilize your device with they're saying it'll kill 99 of germs in one minute of using it this particular one only works for the iPad but they do have a whole lot of other options.

Ampere Cell

It is related to this concept of UV cleaning we have the cell which is also one of these products that combine two seemingly unrelated things, on one hand, you open it up, place your phone inside and it effectively gives it a UV bath but also it's a wireless charging pad.

Anker Power Conf

Okay, the Anker power conf it sounds a bit like they forgot to finish writing the name on there but it's actually more useful than I initially thought it would be the best way to think about it would be you know sometimes when you're calling someone but at the same time you're trying to do something so you decide to put your phone down and put it on speaker mode well this is kind of like having a super speaker mode it connects your phone via Bluetooth and uses six microphones in an omnidirectional array to pick up your voice from even further away.

Nebula Mars 2 Pro

This is the best mini projector I've ever used it was easy to set up it ran on android so it had its own apps and it was portable so I was kind of curious to see how much better its bigger brother would be this is the anchor nebula mars 2 pro and it still keeps the smartphone in mind you might know that setting up a projector is an absolute faff it involves cables it involves overhead mounts and big white blank screens this doesn't really have that it's got a built-in battery which gives around three hours of use so I could just plonk it down on a table and start watching and compared to that other projector I liked which had a single eight-watt speaker inside of it this has dual 10 watts plus while it does lose portability.it's like two and a half times brighter.

Pow Mo

so you've seen a Bluetooth speaker that transforms into earbuds but now we've got a very different kind of transformation this is the Pow Mo it's a pocket-sized speaker with surprisingly good sound and two cool selling points you can mount it almost anywhere thanks to a magnetic plate that you get with it and that includes on the back of your phone which is completely ridiculous to look at but hey if you want to do it you can do it and the second thing is that it's collapsible so right now it's in its compact mode.

Bluetooth Exchange

Next up is a gadget that allows you to get away with using fewer cables. If I had to describe this is a hyper long-range Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver and these are actually two very different things when it's acting as a transmitter it can take your wired audio and make it wireless so let's say when you're watching tv you're using your tv's inbuilt speakers.

and they're just not that great well this will be able to take that wired signal and beam it out wirelessly to be picked up by up to two Bluetooth speakers or two pairs of wireless earphones but if you then click a switch on the back this moves from being a transmitter to being a receiver which means it can receive your wireless audio signal and convert it to a wired one so I could use Spotify on my phone to wirelessly play music and for it to come out of a wired home cinema surround sound system as opposed to maybe the small crummy. Bluetooth speaker I might usually use.

Look Stand

this is a new one they call it the look stand and it's a 100 aluminum fully adjustable stand. It's quite impressive what they managed to fit into this fairly small contraption and it sort of locks itself in each orientation with a satisfying click you can adjust the angle of your phone the orientation of your phone and there's also three different height levels. 

Travel adapter

a travel adapter it comes in a case it allows you to convert almost any socket into almost any other software and that's cool but we've seen this before what I thought was really useful about this one, in particular, is that it turns around and you also get no less than four full-size USB ports to charge your phone.and any other gadgets you might have with you, this is something that  I actually plan to use it regularly.

LiteChaser Pro

This is the light chaser pro a very expensive but admittedly pro bit of kit so you get two parts here there's a case which is nice quality feels sturdy and that doubles as a mount for this a circular polarizer it's quite a niche tool with a very specific benefit it increases saturation and it reduces reflections.

Nexdock 2

The concept is these most people have two main pieces of tech in their life

their phone and their computer and the goal of this product are kind of to merge them the best way to think of nexdock is as an empty laptop a laptop with a working edge-to-edge keyboard and a working full HD screen but no processor no ram no operating system it's made to be powered by your smartphone and I've been thinking a lot about this product over the last few weeks, on one hand, it's still going to take up space in your bag and it's not going to be as powerful as a MacBook pro for example, but the more I think about it the more I'm starting to see the benefits for starters. of course it's way cheaper than actually buying a proper laptop there's no duplication of components because this laptop isn't trying to have its own set of CPU and GPU and ram the inside. 

Can pretty much be just one massive battery so it lasts for ages it's quite a nice sense of continuity if I'm typing an email on my phone and I decide I want to move it to my laptop I just plug it in and carry on where I left off and all of a sudden both your phone and your laptop have a data connection and think about this every time you upgrade your phone in the future you're kind of getting a free laptop upgrade it's a cool thought and the cherry on top is that because this nexdock has an HDMI in port, you can also use it as a portable tv for your ps4 your Nintendo switch or your apple tv the only obvious caveat is that you'll be restricted to mobile apps but you might be surprised how well they work.

DreamGlass 4K

speaking of things you can use as a potential monitor Welcome to a very different kind you could think of this as a monitor for your face, you can plug in your smartphone the same way you would on a tv but also, your game console your drone controller to get a live feed of its camera and you'll be seeing all that on what they describe as a 200-inch 4k display all with some pretty impressive baked in audio it's a nice display it's probably not as nice as that figure makes it sound but there are some perks it can run 3d content and all that google cardboard stuff you can wirelessly stream your phone to the glasses and if you really committed to this and got yourself a Bluetooth controller then yes that means you could be playing cod mobile on a 200-inch screen on the train.

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