FIRST-AID treatment for injuries that can happen at home


Today I'm about to share something helpful and that can be a lifesaver for you. I'm gonna talk about the accident that can happen unexpectedly and what you have to do instantly. 

These tips will help you save someone's life or help them out. Hope you like it. 

What kind of accidents can happen at home?

Well, we all know that sometimes unexpected things happen to us. And we don't even know where it came from.
Here are something that can happen when we are at home.

1. Fall down unexpectedly 

That thing happens to us all. We all fell unexpectedly even for once in a lifetime. Maybe not just once it happens many times. Sometimes we got hurt or even badly injured. 

2. Cuts and bruise

It happens when we try to use some sharp for instance when we use a knife to cut some onions or other things we unexpectedly cut our hands. 
And when we got into a fight we got a bruise. 
Especially it happens to the children. When they play around and run. 

3. Burns

When we cook and sometimes we got careless and ended up burning out a hand. It's happened to us most of the time. Or sometimes we spill hot water carelessly and burn ourselves. 

4. Electric shock

We often want to fix something in our house such as lights, fan, or while working with electricity we come to contract with electrical energy to our body causing electric shock. It makes our body numb for a while. 

5. Poisoning.

Poison is a very dangerous thing. Anyone can be poisoned by a person or animal. Most of the time people got poisoned by snake bites. So we should be more careful about our surroundings.

First-aid for cuts and bruises 

  • Gently use pressure on the cuts to stop bleeding. 
  • Use cold water to wash the dust. Use the antiseptic spray to remove germs. 
  • Use a bandage to the injured area. Give the victim some pain killer to ease the pain. 
  • If the cut is deep that needs sutures. Then bandage them first to stop the bleeding. Call for help. 

First-aid for fire burns victim

  • First of all, pour some cold water to the burned skin for 10 to 15 minutes. It will help the victims to give a little comfort and also minimize the swelling. 
  • Use aloe vera or antiseptic medicine to the burnt area. 
  • Use coconut oil or petroleum jelly to massage on the minor burn skin
  • Do not use ice to the burnt skin. It will increase the swelling. 

How to separate someone from electricity while the current flowing?

  • First, you have to turn off the main switch. Which controls the current source of the whole house.
  • Secondly, if you can't turn off the main switch or if the main switch is electrified then you have to use dry wood or bamboos to separate the person from the current source. If you don't have those dry woods you can use your leather shoes to separate the victim.
  • Whatever happens, don't touch the victim with a bare hand, or else you'll be the victim. 

Firs-aid for electric shock.

When we got electric shock mostly our body or particular part of the body became numb we don't feel it and our blood circulation stopped for sometimes. During that time apply massage with hand to the victims injured part. Massage slowly so that blood can flow properly.

If the victim got an extreme electric shock. Then to move them around. Check their pulse whether they are breathing or not. If they are not breathing then use mouth to mouth resuscitation. Call an ambulance immediately.

First-aid for poisoning

  • Victims will feel dizziness and have difficulty breathing. Sit the victim tight, if the victim swallows the poison then help them to vomit it out. It may let out some poison from the stomach.

  • Don't give the victim anything to eat. Rush to the medical center asap. 

  • Tell the doctor what substance the victim had that caused the poisoning. It might be helpful for the doctors and give a boost to the treatment. 

Disclaimer: If you have no idea about first-aid treatment nor have courageous to stand out when there is a victim in front of you. Just call for help. Don't do anything on your own.

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