Best TV Shows you should watch during the Lockdown


This is the list of the best tv shows to watch during the lock Down. It will help you get rid of the boredom as well as give you a good experience of good Tv shows.

Perhaps some of you already watched them because there are some tv shows on the list that are widely famous. 

Before I proceed with the list of best tv shows to watch during the lockdown, one thing I want to make clear that there might be some major spoilers as I go with the explanation of them.

So if you Don't want to spoil the fun of watching you can skip the descriptions. 

Peaky blinders

This one is my favorite. Peaky blinder is a gangster of Birmingham. Lead by Shelby's family. Thomas Shelby is the leader of the gang. This series is all about peaky blinders gangs how they do business and about the Shelby family. The story is interesting. 
 As their gang grows their business and crime also grows. They went through so many troubles and problems but their families always stayed together in a tough time. 

This series is really good and it's become popular in a short time. It has 5 seasons and also season 6 is coming out real soon. 
If you haven't watched it go and watch it on Netflix. It is one of the best Tv shows 

The witcher

Well, this is a new tv show. The theme and scene of this tv show kinda remind me of 'got' however the story is different. 

This tv show has only 8 episodes. The witcher is a different race like humans and elf. But witcher has magics and strength. 

The witcher was disliked my human as well as other races. He set off a journey to find his destiny. 

The witcher was played by Henry Cavill. When I started watching it everything was quite messy. However, as I went through with every episode, I understood that it was all flashbacks. 

I hope the second season will be more forward to going than just flashbacks. 

Into the badlands

This another of my favorite tv shows. Into the badlands is such a good tv show. The main character's name is sunny. He was a slave of a Barron. He killed people by the order of his Barron. 

However, he found a boy who had mysterious power. 
And also he was related to a sunny's home which he doesn't know about. 

Sunny wanted to live life without killing. He just wanted to be free. Which lead him to disobey his Barron and set off a journey to know about his home Asgard. 

Into the badlands has such a great actor. Every fight scene of this tv shows is good. And there is a lot of adventures as well. 

The Last kingdom

The last kingdom is about history. If you watch it its gonna give you a nice touch on the history of England. That time King Alfred was the ruler. He conquers many battles and became famous however behind his success Uthred was the main reason. Uthred helped him to achieve his success. 

This is the story about Uthred how he helped king Alfred. And there is a lot related to the Vikings. 

This is also one of the best Tvshow. It portrays the history so well. The battle is amazing. they show how Vikings fight and how ruthless they can be.

The Shannara Chronicles

If you like adventures, magics, cool wizard stuff, and also a combination of all kinds of races such as elf, human, dwarfs, demon, and there are so many races in this tv show. 

The series is about preventing the demon lord resurrection a half-human and half-elf boy set off a journey with an elf girl and a wizard. Their goal was to prevent the resurrection of the demon lord. 

During the journey, they had many adventures. This is the best Tvshow you can watch.

I've really enjoyed watching it. And it's also had a great story. 

The boys 

Who doesn't love superheroes? We have seen our fair share of superhero movies as well as the best tv shows. 

And we all know what superheroes do. Well, mostly they save the day and become heroes. 

However, the boys are the exact opposite of superhero tv shows. The boys are about how superheroes can be deceiving and how bad they can be. 

This story about some normal guys who plan to kill superheroes with supernatural power. 

Trust me this tv shows gonna change your mind about the superheroes. 

Money heist

During the lockdown, money heist became one of the most popular TV shows. Everyone seems to talk about it on social media. 

Well, most of you probably watched it already. And if you didn't then watch this amazing tv shows it's gonna blow your mind. 

Issa Spanish TV show English Dubbed is available on Netflix. The mastermind professor who planned the biggest heist in Spain. 

During the heist, they face many problems but they overcome it all together and perfectly execute the heist. There is 4 season of the series. 


If you watch the last kingdom then you should Watch Vikings as well. This one of the best history-based Tvshow.

It's a story about Ragnar Lothbrok. He was a Viking and a farmer. Who's explore and raid shores across the oceans. 

We all know about Viking how bad they were and their reputation. They were infamous being.

However, in this series will see some different stories and will know more about Vikings as well. 


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