Best chipset (SOC) for smartphone 2020


It's no wonder smartphone has introduced all of us with the various processor and microprocessors. As well as how the processor works. Back in the old days when the smartphone wasn't there, we knew a very little about processor and chipset to be precise we knew nothing at all.

However today we all know about these little things. When we go to the shop to buy a smartphone first thing we look for is a well-performed processor and better ram management. Then comes the storage capacity.

These days smartphone companies are competing about making better performed mobile phones. Which has a great processor as well as better ram management.

That's how we got the chance to experience better smartphone usability at such a cheap price.

So today I'm going to list the best chipset out there in 2020. These are the news chipset with high performance.

Chipset Phone Centurion Mark
Apple A13 Bionic iPhone 11 152
Snapdragon 865 Samsung s20 ultra (us) 150
Exynos 990Samsung s20 ultra 148
MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Oppo reno3 5G 147
Apple A12 Bionic iPhone XS 146
Snapdragon 855+Google Pixel 4XL 145
Snapdragon 855Oneplus 7 144
Kirin 990 5G Huawei mate 30 pro 5G 144
Kirin 990 4G Huawei mate 30 pro 4G 143
Exynos 9825 Galaxy Note 10+ 142

Apple A13 Bionic

Currently, this is the fastest smartphone chipset in the world. A13 bionic beats the latest snapdragon 865 at the performance. A13 bionic based on 64-bit ARM design by Apple. No wonder iPhone 12 beats Samsung note 20 as well as Google pixel 4xl.
A13 bionic has clock-rate of 2.66 GHz

Snapdragon 865

Snapdragon 865 is the 5th generation AI engine with 2x powerful than the previous snapdragon processors. This processor has more amazing features than any others out there.

It will give you better gaming performance with Adreno 650 GPU. Snapdragon 865 has a clock-rate of 2.84ghz with custom cortex-A77. It also offers three semi-custom cortex-A77 with 2.4Ghz of clock-rate, as well as 1.8Ghz of clock-rate with four tweaked cortex-A55.

Exynos 990

This is another fastest chipset after snapdragon 865.
Exynos 990 is almost similar to the 865. This processor works great on Samsung smartphones since it was made by Samsung. Exynos 990 is also 5th generation AI engine. Packed with ARM mali-G77 MP-11 GPU which will give you unlimited 3d graphics as well as a great gaming experience.

Exynos 990 CPU has Dual core(custom cpu) + Dual core (cortex - A76) + Quad core (cortex - A55)
It has clock-rate of 2000-2730 MHz

MediaTek Dimensity 1000

Here is another powerful chipset that can also compete with snapdragon 865. In terms of gaming performance, this chipset is great. It comes with Mali-G77 MP-9. Which will give you a better gaming experience than other MediaTek chipset.
This chipset has a clock-rate of 2.6Ghz with four cortex-A77 cores. As well as cortex-A55 cores with 2Ghz clock-rate.

MediaTek dimensity 1000 is also has a 5th generation AI engine.

Apple A12 Bionic

Here comes another fastest chipset until apple A13 and snapdragon 865 was released.
A12 Bionic is a great chipset when it comes to better performance and gaming experience. It has a clock-rate of 2.49ghz with 4 core GPUs. 50% GPU than apple previous version chipset.
It's a 64-bit chipset with six-core of ARMv8.3-A CPU.

Snapdragon 855+

Snapdragon 855+ chipset is a great soc in both usability and gaming. It has multi-Gigabit 4G connectivity with an AI engine which will give you 5G experience. This chipset is 15% faster than it's previous version 855. This version serves next-generation Qualcomm Adreno 640 GPU.

It has a clock-rate of 2.96ghz with CPU cores kryo 485 and octa-core CPU. 64-bit CPU architecture

Snapdragon 855

It's also one of the best chipsets for both gaming and usability. It was the first soc which has multi-Gigabit 4G connectivity. Which gives the user 5G experience.
It's clock-rate is a bit less than 855+. It has a clock-rate of 2.85ghz with CPU cores kryo 485 and octa-core CPU. 64-bit CPU architecture.

Kirin 990 5G

This is the first 5G soc which has 7nm+ EUV3 technology. This chipset is a beast for gaming. It has 16 core Mali-G76 GPU. This ARM-based soc comes with two performance cluster cortex-A76 core which has 2.86ghz of clock-rate. And two balance cluster cortex-A76 with 2.36ghz clock-rate. As well as power-saving cluster containing 4 small ARM cortex-A55 with a clock-rate of 1.95 GHz.

Kirin 990 4G

Kirin 990 5G and 4G both are the same chipset. 5G is an upgraded version of 4G. Otherwise, everything else is exactly the same. Both of the chipsets provide great performance as well as a better gaming experience.

Exynos 9825

This is another 7nm EUV technology that was released after Kirin 990. However this the first 7nm EUV technology for Samsung. This chipset has 4th generation CPU. For optimization, it has two Cortex-A75 core and for better efficiency, it has four Cortex-A55 cores. For the better gaming experience, it gives ARM mali-G76 MP-12. It is 64-bit octa-core ARM SOC. It has clock-rate of 2.73Ghz

These are the smartphone SOC which is ruling 2020. These are great chipset with advanced technology. For such a technology we can experience great mobile usability as well as a better gaming experience.

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