Best Anime you should Watch during the Lockdown


Today I'm here to talk about the best anime series to watch during the lockdown.
During the lockdown everyone spending time at home with their beloved once.
And also spending time watching Netflix. Today I'll share some best anime to watch
During the lockdown. For the anime lover who must have watched all the famous anime series

And wondering what to watch next. This list is for you guys. I know a lot of you guys will say that these lists are not the best I'll say just give them a try. I've watched them all on Netflix and believe me these will swing your mood.

Before I proceed with the list one thing I want to make clear that since I have watched them as I go with the list and interpreting them I might give some spoiler so you guys can skip the description if you want.

The rising of the shield hero

This anime is all about hero stuff saving someone else world. A certain world was in danger of waves of catastrophe and they summoned four cardinal heroes from four different worlds. sword, spear, bow, and shield.

These are weapons each hero was given by their destiny. With these weapons, they must save the world from waves of catastrophe. Among the four hero the shield hero was considered a loser. Everyone started hating him even the king despites him. It's all about a shield hero who becomes zero to a real hero. I'm not gonna give you guys anymore spoiler but I will say you should Watch it it's a good anime and there's a lot of adventure as well as an amazing fight.


This is a new anime. I have finished watching it recently its one of the amazing anime series.
And also it could be done a lot better if they made good animation. It's a good story, characters are a lot unique than other anime it's no hero stuff more like mysteries. And MC is overpowered but usually, he doesn't show that. Just pretend that he is weak. It's a world of post-apocalyptic where people's life depends on certain numbers called count each person have counts and it's differed by the personality of each person. If the count gets to zero the mysterious hand appeared from the ground and took them to the abyss. I know its kind of crazy things. But once you start watching it you'll understand.

B: The Beginning

I know the name is not catchy like all other anime. However, if you start watching it will give you feel like watching death note. Although it's far more different than death note but all the case-solving things are similar.

When you start watching it you'll think that it's an actual series rather than an anime. I won't tell you any details about it because I don't wanna spoil all the fun. But Issa must watch anime series.
I was surprised Netflix released such a nice anime series they did a good job. The fight scene was awesome as well as the story.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

This is for all comedy lovers. Who is got bored in this lockdown? I'm sure this anime will make you laugh the whole day. Such a nice gag comedy series. The MC is born with psychic power. He can hear people's thoughts, use teleportation and all the psychic stuff. Kinda like Mob psycho. 
He is a high-schooler who doesn't like people around him but he doesn't let them know that. He maintains everything using his psychic power. And of course, no one knows that he is a psychic except his mom and dad. 
I enjoyed this anime it's all about comedy, friendship, and strong relation with family. It's amazing.

Bungo stray dog

It's all about supernatural power, crime, case solving, fantastic story. Everything about this anime is great. I don't know how people missed it. It's an anime anyone wants to watch.
The fight between the mafia and secret agency with supernatural power at their disposal. Mafia does all the dirty business in the city while the agency took care of them. Since police and military cannot fight with mafia all the time because they have a supernatural power that's where agency members with superpower kick in.
It's such a good anime with a great story. Issa must watch anime.

Seven scissors

What should I say? I didn't know Chinese folks can make such a good anime.
Seven scissors is a comedy and action anime series with a great story. Once you start watching it you'll know how great it is. The MC name is seven and he is an Assassins. He kills for a living.
He lives on a small island with his chicken friend. Sometimes he does assassination mostly he fails. And sometimes he sells food near the school.
The story is mostly comedy and the action is great. All the amazing sword fights.
The dub version is available on the Netflix you can watch it.

Sirius the jaeger

It's one of the wonderful anime. The last survivor of Sirius grows up with a human and trained to become a jaeger. The jaeger hunts vampire.
It's a story about the Sirius boy who lost his whole family the vampire kills them all for a certain thing called the Ark. Which was the Sirius property However vampire wants that for their purpose.
It's a nice anime, the story is good. A bit emotional.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Well everyone maybe hard of it by now. The hero who is super strong and yet overly cautious. He doesn't go to fight if he's not 100% certain that he wins.
It's incredibly good anime. The MC personality is super cool. Issa comedy, love story, and a good action anime.

This anime is about hero stuff and summoning from a different world. A goddess summons a hero from a different world to save another world from demons.

That's all. Hope you'll like it once you watch them make sure you get here and let me know how was it. 

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