Most Popular Sports leagues in the world


Everyone loves sports not all kinds of sports what I wanted to say that some people like some particular sports which make sports loved by everyone. I know it sounds funny, I just pointed it out.

There is some sports league which made a great impact on people around the whole world.

This is the list of the most popular sports leagues in the is not about the best sports league. But the league which made a great impact on the planet.


NFL is the most popular professional sport out there. People from across the globe know it. 

In 1920, American professional football associations formed the National Football League

NFL is composed of 32 players. 

With its earnings, it is one of the richest sports. It is well known for its performance and reputation.


MBL is a league for baseball sports. One of the world's most popular sports league. It is an organization of American professional baseball.

In the national baseball division, the division consists of a total of 30 teams that play. Fifteen teams are in the National League, and the other fifteen are in the American League.

Premier League

The premier league which everyone knows as English premier is a top-level English league system. It’s formed with 20 teams.

Premier league or English premier league is the most popular sports league in the world

It was founded on 20 February 1992; 28 years ago in England.


National Basketball Association is a North American professional basketball league. One of the most influential professional sport's. 

It consists of 30 teams however in the United States 29 team and In Canada 1 team. It’s one of the most common and major league in the United States and Canada

National Hockey League

NHL is a professional ice hockey league in North America and also the most popular sports league in the entire world.

It consists of 31 teams. But in the United States formed by 24 and 7 in Canada.

NHL was founded in 1909


Bundesliga is a professional most popular football league in Germany as well as the most popular sports league in the world.

It is the top-level system in the German football league. The Bundesliga sports league is composed of a team of 18. Bundesliga was established in Dortmund in 1962

La Liga

La Liga is the Spanish football league system 's highest elite men's tier of football. Administered by the Liga National Professional Football League, it is challenged by 20 teams, the League is among the world's most popular sports league

Indian Premier League

IPL is a major professional cricket league in India. played between March or April and May each year between eight teams from eight different cities in India. The League was founded by the Board of Control in 2008. It is a world-renowned and most popular sports league.

Formula 1

Formula one is the most well-known sports league in the entire world. It is a single-seater auto car racing. Formula one is owned by Formula one group and sanctioned by FIA.

It had been one of the premier forms of auto racing since 1950.

Major Professional Sports Leagues in the United States and Canada

The main professional sports teams in the U.S. and Canada are the biggest competitive team sporting tournaments in both nations. MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL are the largest elite club organization of each sport globally, and along with the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, they make the top six sports leagues by wealth on the planet.

Australian Football League 

The Australian Football League is Modern football's pre-eminent and only entirely paid men's sport. The league presently consists of 18 clubs scattered over five of the six Australian states Matches have been held in both Australian states and foreign regions, as well as in New Zealand and China. It became one of the world's best-known sports league


Major League Soccer is a pro men's soccer league established by the U.s. Soccer Federation and shows a high level of the sport in the U.S. and Canada. The league consists of 26 teams 23 in the U.S. and three in Canada. Today it is one of a popular sports league in the world.

World Cup

A world cup is widely known for sporting competition in where participate international teams or individuals representing their countries – compete for the world championship A world cup is widely known as the ultimate rivalry of the discipline, with the champion winning the greatest distinction of the discipline and being entitled to claim the status as the greatest. 

UEFA Champions League 

The UEFA Champions League is a sporting competition governed by the Sporting Associations Federation of Europe and challenged by top European clubs to decide the winners of the competition. It is one of the world's most popular sports league of football tournaments, and the most prestigious European football club competition, played by their national associations' national league champions.

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